Covid Micro Streams for Life

A look Behind the Curtain: Meet the Duo that’s Mastering the Art of the Live Stream to Keep the Public in the Know About COVID-19


The Covid-19 pandemic has called for a great influx of live streaming, but one of the most pressing causes is to keep the public informed. Information needs to spread quickly, and be packaged correctly so the audience listens.

A spiking COVID-19 case count is straining Florida's hospital system as nearly half of its intensive care units are at least 90% full, state data shows.

On Thursday, Florida recorded a one-day record of 120 deaths. More than 4,000 people have died there since the start of the pandemic.

Mississippi has also seen a recent strain on its hospitals. Five of the largest medical centers have no ICU bed space for new patients – COVID-19 or otherwise – and are being forced to turn patients away.

Meanwhile, some states are scaling back reopening guidelines or adding new requirements: Some bars in Nevada will be closing again Friday and restaurants can no longer serve parties more than six people. Kentucky will join the growing list of states that require face coverings in public, too.

So its critical to get the media message focused and repetitive to assure people understand the urgency

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